A family of Love-Part V

was moaning louder and louder, still trying to muffle them, but on the verge of screaming as her brother licked her pussy and fingered her ass. His mouth engulfed as much of her pussy as it could and he sucked on it. Probing her entrance with his tongue sent her wild. As he slid a finger from his other hand in her pussy he searched for her clit

Horny on a Saturday Morning Part II

in the throes of a building sensation. Your thin strip of pubic hair, playfully shaped as an arrow pointing down to your pussy, is inviting me to play a little more before I plant my mouth on your essence. In anticipation of my descent on your clit, you softly moan “Yes…” I slip the tip of my tongue onto the top end of your pubic hair strip, and

Army Guy

even though we are on R & R there cannot be any sex between us. I sure hope I can keep my side of the deal. I told J that Hope is bi sexual. I was shocked to hear that J is too. I am really looking forward to seeing some action.We got home about 11:30 pm and Hope was waiting for us. It was a warm night and she was wearing a thin bikini top and

Santa’s Elf

inch long bulge in each of those tights. We went inside and toured the most massive toy factory that I had ever seen. Every type of toy that I had ever imagined was in that workshop. Santa’s office was just as impressive. It was huge with pictures of toys from generations past. Most impressive, though, was the house. It was a mix of Victorian and

The Beauty and her Beast 2

my beauty, is your punishment. From this day forward, your training begins. Each day, you may do what you wish. Each night, you will do what I wish. You will wear nothing on your body, so you may be ready when I want you. You will not touch your clit or pussy, unless I have given you permission. We will be molding you into the most perfectly


you missy. Someone who's gonna look after you and definately has a bigger cock than him!" This made her laugh, I loved Katy's laugh, it was infectious the sort of laugh where you have to laugh too because just watching her face light up makes you happy. "Sounds like a plan" she giggled, "lets ditch movie night and go out?" she asked. I hadn't

Power Rangers Sex 2

allowing the toy to remain in her ass. She clenches her eyes shut as the familiar sensation of climaxing causes small fireworks to explode behind her eyelids."Shit! Shiiiiiiiiiiit," Kim cries out as she cums; her orgasm spilling out, coating both her thighs as well as Trini's."Heh," Trini chuckles as she feels Kim's orgasm between them. "You

Mother in Law

blouse and asked me how it looked... i said fine... she then said she wanted my opinion on blue skirt.... she took the black skirt off right in front of me... had black thigh highs on but full cotton panties. They were pretty much estranged though... very antagonistic.. Another morning when wife was gone she came out in short grey DePaul T

The chubby babysitter

in her ass. She moan so loud and grabbed her tits which where being held by george and her eyes rolled backwards. Slam slam slam zack went ramming sarah ‘ mmm mm mm yes yes yesssss’. Zack yelled ‘im gonna cum, where should I do it’ sarah responded with a ‘filllll mmyyyy pusssyyy yessss mm yess’ zack stopped balls deep and then had an orgasm.

An Encounter Backstage

and informed me that this was the outfit that I had failed to notice on opening night. It was black silk pleated mini-skirt, black silk blouse, a black leather vest and high heeled ankle boots.Now in my ignorance I assumed she would sit my lap in the traditional fashion and I would receive a closed mouth kiss on the lips, no harm in that I

The Lunch Date Ch. 02

and out of your tight ass. You cry out with each thrust and gasp with each withdrawal, your cries of passion spur me on to fill your ass harder and faster. I bend over you reaching down to slide my hand under, reaching to rub your clit, your hands are bracing yourself against the wall so I do the work for you, my fingers touching everything you

Power Rangers Megaforce : Red and Pink's Sacrifices

screams stopped. The screens shows that the torture had stopped and their friends are gasping in pain. The screen then disappears. Troy and Emma just sits on the bed. Looking at each other. “Do you really want to do this?” Troy ask again, reassuring. Emma nodded. “Yes…” she then takes off her helmet, releasing her black wavy hair that later falls

Everbody Loves Sue

pushing her arse in the air. "Well, now that is a welcome.” I smiled. “No, Rick, you can't. Alan and I made love before he left and I am trying to keep his sperm in me so that I can get pregnant. I don't want your sperm or any spermicidal on a condom thank you.” Sue was emphatic.  I sat on the bed and ran my finger between her buttocks. I

My Wife Brings My Work Home

and my mouth. It is just too risky a situation. After all, he is my boss. Oh, a text from her:I know how you think, dear. Yes, I am trying to get him in with us ever since you brought it up. I understand the situation but you forget... I own you on the inside. Your co-workers may think of you as a hard-ass but I know about your urges... so does

Amber In Need

about making hot sensual love to her.So far no opportunities have presented itself. Finally my good boss surprised me by offering me an entire weeek off from work to just rest and regain myfocus.So I was in good spirit.So my wife was happy for me but on the weekend I was gonna be home she had to doa double shift to cover for her best friends

The Shower

I grab a vibrator and some lube. On my way back over to you, you stop me, kneeling in front of me. You take me into your mouth, sucking your juices off of my cock. You know that drives me crazy and I almost cum there in your mouth. I pull away from you and you giggle. "Something wrong Baby?" you ask innocently. I take you by the shoulders and

The Loophole - A Halloween Story

The crowd counted for him when it was obvious she had reached her fourth orgasm. By the time she reached her ninth forced orgasm, only a few in the crowd were even bothering to keep count.“Ten,” Max finally said. Then he added, “Just turn it down a little and push her over into the corner and let her enjoy herself while we go on with our

Playing Doctor Part 2

She lay on me chest and we moved in unison. We kissed all the while, until my phone chimed. Toni was sending another text, 'Very hot you two. I want more. I am almost there, and need just a little more to finish… again.' Amy leaned back so we could get a suitable picture of my dick in her pussy. When she received the two I sent, she replied,

Doc Ch. 06

Seeing that I was still in a state of shock, Grandpa asked, ‘How’s Running Deer doing? Don’t you think you better go check on her?’ Going over to her I saw she was now awake and doing a lot better. The fever seemed to be breaking. Both she and Little Doe had big smiles on their cute pixie faces, making me even more nervous. ‘How are you feeling?

Toxic Pull

cleaned it with peroxide, tickling her only once, and then covered it with the band-aide. “This only needs one thing and you are all done.” “What’s that?” “This,” he said, and kissed her foot tenderly. Lucy looked into the eyes of the man she loved and he kissed her foot again, only closer to her heel this time. Then her ankle, and her inner

A Change of Ideas Pt 2

face after the rather impish teasing of the older gent sat opposite me in the compartment we had occupied. It was always amusing to test others’ reactions to my usual under-bare state in public situations, and this was a particularly fun one. He came a surprisingly large load for someone in his sixties.I hurried along the platform to meet Lucy,

Hidden Love Ch. 06

. . .’ I said meekly and glanced over at my helper. His hair was dark with blond highlights and with bluish green eyes and my heart started to pound like a crazed drum. ‘I’m sorry I bumped into you . . . I didn’t mean too . . .’ He smiled and I swore it look like Sylar’s. My eyes were probably hard and staring at him like a deer in the

Dream Fantasy Ch. 03

to take charge of the kiss, but it seemed that Ethan had other ideas. He cupped my face between his hands and tilted my head back so he could deepen the kiss, I was lost, intoxicated by his smell, by the feeling of having him there. His lips left mine, and I suddenly felt the loss of them on me, but soon he was softly kissing my cheek, them

I Spanked my Teacher Part two of two

buried her head into my groin, her seared rear high in the air, she swallowed me again, restoring my wilting hard on, her head bobbing back and forth until I let go for a second time. She swallowed hard and sucked harder, extracting every drop from my fledgling cock. Fully satisfied she straightened up and turned on her heels and made for her

The Cobbler & the Brownies

seed away. Then no rains had come since Easter and now the pitiful remains of the grain crop seemed ready to dry up into dust. Come harvest time there would be little indeed to reap, and perhaps not even enough to set aside for seed next spring. Accordingly, it was a most somber Mid-Summer’s Day Festival, as no one in the village felt much like

Julie and the Team part 3

me up off the couch. Good girl! Youll love it! he said. Ethan lay me on my back on the floor, and Alice quickly got on top of me, her face over my pussy and her pussy over my mouth. She started to lick my pussy again, very gently, her tongue barely touching me. Mike got behind Alice, kneeling down, he balls hovering over my face as he guided his

My Perverted Family: 3. Jason's Story

cock properly. Relying on what Reggie had taught him, Jason concentrated really hard on relaxing the muscles of his throat so his law partner’s cock head could travel at least one more inch into his throat. Reggie taught him the secret was to close the throat muscle on the head of the invading cock and then pull off slowly thereby milking the

The Businessman - Part 2

he was going to do. Questions flooded his thoughts. Had she ever been licked before he had done it? He had discovered a lack of a hymen, but did that mean she had been penetrated? He wanted to kiss her and wondered if she had ever been kissed before. How innocent was she? How much innocence did she wish to shed? Fingers curled around the tops of

What Happens, Happens

or vice versa. We can probably sleep in this bed without even touching each other. Ok?’ ‘Yes, I guess so.’ She said between whimpers. ‘But you have to keep track of what you’re spending on me so I can pay you back, agreed?’ ‘Agreed. Now dry your eyes and let’s see if we can get you settled and get some dinner. We still have a lot of driving to

A husband is humiliated by a sexy slut wife

Mike, Peter and a fewof my wife’s other male co-workers were there. I wassurprised to see such a show of support, until I heardthem talking.“I bet it’s Bill’s kid,” Peter said.“It sure as fuck better be. I didn’t want to get thewoman pregnant. She just begged me to fuck her withouta condom, so I did,” explained my well-built neighbourMike to the

My Fantasy

back down, I flicked out my tongue and licked a thick pearl drop of cum off the head of his dick at the slit. Then milked a little more out with a quick deep throat and tight lipped sucked back up his shaft to the head. Ed thanked me and said, “Told ya I shoot a big load, didn’t I.” I don't know if I got lucky the first time or if this experience

The Art Show - Part 1

of her top and lifts it up revealing her very feminine soft rounded tummy. Her black lace and satin bra and her deep cleavage bounce into view as she pulls the top over her head in a flowing movement. “Mmmm,” I groan, almost under my breath. “You are so lovely Fran. There she is... my wife, the artist’s model,” I announce laughing. “Wearing

Maddy Ch. 01

by her body, her breasts, her face, her shapely legs wrapped around me. We made love for quite some time and managed to orgasm together. Pretty intensely again, as turning each other on drove us both over the edge. This woman had limitless energy, but I was feeling a bit spent as the jetlag was starting to catch up with me. Even so, I was hoping

A Fond Farewell

very close, and so like always, we had plenty of time alone. Only now that time was spent sharing much more than thoughts and feelings. It was now the last day of my trip, everything was packed and ready to go. I, on the other hand, wasn't ready to leave. I always hated the idea of being so far away from her, but now especially. But I'd soon come

Object of Desire – The Sequel

the time my plane landed, I had answered my own question. There was no doubt in my mind that, if the opportunity arose, I would definitely want to see Trina again.   Assuming of course that I hadn’t freaked her out with my last words, which had just popped out of my head without thinking.  When I got back to work the next day, there was a

Conquest of Elysium Chapter 02

thieves since they would’ve made it a point to know all of the information I needed.--Getting through the gate went fairly well save from a few close calls with bumping into travelers and exposing myself to discovery. One female merchant in particular was especially troublesome. It seamed every time I turned around I was almost running into her.

My Mom gives the best blowjobs.

shit tube. I was finally all the way in and I stopped again. I could see tears on her cheek but she never told me to stop. I slowly started to move in and out. After a minute she told me I could go faster. A few hard fast strokes and I quickly came in her. My cum load in her butt made it even easier to fuck her there. I stayed hard and

William and Ann Chapter 1

she was vain and enjoyed being the center of attention. While Im in here, can I just take a quick peek at you? Ill let you look at me if you want. I dont know, Will. I still think this is sick, but if get undressed right now, Ill consider it. Will hadnt really thought of it, considering he never imagined getting as far as he was right now, but he

Creating a Monster ch 10

about her, about what she has on us, about how she keeps it, about everything, I need to know everything.""There's nothing you can do about it, she has it, she won't give it up. So unless you're willing to spend the next 10 to 15 in the state women's prison, probably getting abused worse than we are now," her voice just trailed off at

Kitten Is Late For Master

Is all Master says, stepping out of his boxers. I’m drooling over my gag and find myself humping thin air. Master uses his strength by grabbing me and throwing me on the bed again. Pulling my hips so my bum is sticking up and out. Then a glorious feeling fills my body and I cum. I didn’t know it would happen but the orgasm ripped through my body.

Athena – Goddess of Wisdom

on the bed, mesmerized by the laptop. Nothing else in the room had been moved and she was staring intently at some flashing colors and pictures on the screen. She wasn’t touching the keyboard or the mouse pad, yet the screen was constantly changing. ‘Athena?’ Zeke asked, looking down at her. She didn’t move nor take her eyes from the screen. He

The Story of Ashley Davis part 1

locker, but if I kept it at home my nosy step brother, Thomas, always looks at it. I mean, he should get a life, he already ruined mine and Dad’s life by barging in with his mom. His Mom is actually very nice and in really good shape. So let me tell you more about myself. Well, I am half Indian (from my mom’s side) and half English from my dad’s

My Disciplinarian-Part III, I Love You

back on his elbows. I loved the feel of his hardness in my hand as I fingered the tip of his cock. He watched me examine his penis. “It’s cut,” he said to me. “Who cut you?” I asked innocently. “I don’t know. I didn’t get his name,” he said playfully. I sucked his cock and tightened my throat muscles so that I wouldn’t gag on it. I took him in my

College Golfers

to do it again so she decided to do it herself. She leaned in and kissed his lips, sensuously and for what appeared a long time too. “Ooooooohh,” he said. “I liked that. You can do that any time you want.” She smiled as she looked at him. She said “Really, you did?” and he nodded and told her “Yeah, I did. This was a smart decision coming here

Thursday night

Liz murmured. “After that taste of cock, I think I’m addicted.” She kissed Kim’s belly, flicking her tongue into her best friend’s bellybutton. “Ad- DICK-ted?” Kim giggled. Liz looked up and giggled as well. “Yeah, I guess you could say that.” she agreed. Tony cleared his throat, and Kim put her hands on her best friend’s head. “I think he’s

Amber’s Summer of Love Ch. 04

She dug in her heels and pulled back against Amber. ‘What the hell!?! Amber, is this an ENGAGEMENT ring? What’s going on? How … who … where … when???? How long has this been going on?? I’m really pissed that you didn’t tell me about this!’ Amber began laughing at her friend’s unrest and her reaction served to heighten Celia’s discomfort. Celia

Aggressive Tendencies

for fun.  He was too rash to understand dangerous consequences and I was too timid to take fun risks.  When combined, we balanced out perfectly.  Despite his occasionally bursts of temper in my direction, he always respected my intelligence and sensibility for getting him out of trouble.  And despite his rashness, I always respected his bravery

Street Whore Chronicles: Michele's Story (part 1)

him as best she could. While Michele herself had no direct sexual experience outside of touching herself, which she did on an occasional basis, Michele had witnessed this act several times. So lowering her head she took Anthony's dick in her mouth and began to give him head. She wanted desperately to make him happy as she saw him as a port in a

The Pills (part 1)

and kind of you Gillian. You’re always doing the right thing sweety”. That’s when I notice Gillian’s expression change. She had this confused look on her face, like she was trying to remember something. She started to breathe heavy. “Gillian are you okay?” she was fine a second ago.“Yeah yeah, im fine, just a little hot is all. I don’t know what

Breakfast In Bed

I stroke faster and faster and faster, hearing your sweet voice telling me “cum baby, cover me in your cum” I am throbbing and ready to explode as I moan “here I cum” my cock shooting its hot load as I pump my cock. Each stroke of my hand sending a new spray of hot cum onto. The cum is shooting across your breast and all over your chest. My hand

The Latest Car Trip

pussy to a good licking. Hayley said that the talk of spit roasting had made her really horny.Jaq settled back in her chair as Jim and I moved Hayley into position. I was soon working my thick cock into Hayley as she began to suck on her husband's cock.I glanced over at Jaq who had her panties down and was stroking her gorgeous wet gash.  Jim and

Michael Stromen

cock. Without hesitation, she took my dick into her hand and began rubbing it gently. She then slowly placed her mouth around the head of my penis, and worked it into her mouth. A jolt of excitement and pleasure ripped through my body, and as Aya slowly worked my 8 incher into her mouth, I could hardly breathe. She worked my cock all the way to

Raider and the Lost Lamp Ch. 03

with her parents. ‘Clara!’ a woman who could only be Clara’s mother exclaimed in astonishment, from atop the staircase via which Warwick had left. Jeff could easily see the family resemblance, although she looked too young to be Clara’s mother. She was very elegantly dressed, and had the grace of the classic noblewoman. Her eyes, however, showed

Handling Things in Central Park

of opportunities. But now they were in the park, not the hospital. And something more, a whole lot more, was taking place. At first, she’d put up some resistance. But Debbie knew it’d just been a formality. After a few mild protests, she’d yielded to his kisses, and then to his ever more insistent fingers. She loved the exquisite feel of his

Two Wishes

sat on the café table in front of him. Luc was having nothing. ‘Technically, there are limits. But so far no one has ever wished for something I couldn’t give them.’The waitress brought more coffee. They waited until she’d left to say more. It was a warm spring day, and through the window they watched couples stroll arm-in-arm while children

I Need It Bad

crotch. I find her clit with the tip of my tongue and she nearly collapses from the pleasure. She backs up and falls onto the bed. I figure since I’m going to get pussy I’d better give her some release as well. I hungrily lick, slurp, and suck her juicy clit. The whole time my dick was begging for release from my pants. I insert my middle finger

Anal Fantasies Cum True

in all the world, but then one day my tongue wandered into territory that had never before been shared with any other lover. As the tip of my tongue slipped past the back of her wet pussy into a field of fuzz and sweetness never before tasted, her reaction was immediate and in the opposite direction from my advancing tongue. At the time I was

A Son-In-Law to His Liking

He licked the tip of Vince’s cock then licked the whole head. Vince let out a small sound. Booth opened his mouth wide and took almost all of Vince’s cock down his throat. He slid up and down it slowly.He stood up and pulled Vince to his feet and started undressing him. Vince followed his example. They kicked off their shoes and stepped out of

Weekend With Friends

been this charged up in months.” “Beats me.” I replied. “Rachelle hasn’t stopped talking about this trip in weeks. I guess we needed this trip more than we thought.” We nodded and settled in for the uneventful flight to Atlanta. Once there, the girls decided to use our short layover to change clothes before the final flight to Nassau. Mike and

Angelic Deviant

very nearly resembled an ‘O’. I thought I could hear the faintest little moan when I curled my fingers over her G-spot. “It’s okay to admit that this is turning you on, little one, I would much prefer hearing all of your moans, grunts, and eventual screams.” I whispered into her ear in a demonic tone.Her pussy was getting very wet, good, I was

Assassins Chapter 2

detention for involuntary vehicular manslaughter it was because he hit and killed a woman of two children and accidentally killed her. The father thought it was unfair that Jake got off with a year and he lost his soul mate for life so he wanted to hurt you by taking your child away. He lived with deep regret and almost committed suicide twice

Mrs Vandermeers Rules: 2b

my tongue what seemed like a lifetime ago. She was stunning. The changes that giving birth had wrought to her body added to beauty, giving her voluptuousness that I sorely lacked. Lush hips and ripe breasts that accented her still slender waist reminded me that my body was still that of a young girl. She’d worked hard to keep herself looking fit,

Dana Finds A Lover

pulled out his camera and took a facial picture of me laughing. Then stepping away from our booth he took a couple of more pictures, which were actually the first of me in a public venue. Motioning me to get out of the booth he took pictures of me. A couple I know had a good view of my garters and my upper thigh. We moved on outside and used his

Giving The Wife What She Wants

her full breasts through the dress.“My, you are a big boy, aren’t you?” Kim said, pushing back against me. “Lucky me! What about you, birthday boy, don’t you want a feel of Slutface?”The last bit was clearly aimed at Pete; silent, passive, bewildered Pete. Yes, it was easy to feel sorry for him, but if Kim thought this charade was necessary, that

Asian Adventures Ch. 08

development is constant through the sequential sections, so you’ll be reading about people you don’t yet ‘know’ if you don’t start at the beginning. Oh yes, and I’m having a blast writing this, and hope you enjoy reading it. This is a work of fiction, based on a few true experiences but no actual people. If you don’t like reading about young

Missing Her Man

house making the windows rattle. The storm had woke her up from her nice little dream. She noticed that she was breathing heavily. She felt her pussy was tingling. She reached down and felt how wet she was. Dripping wet. Damn storm. She closed her eyes to try to bring back the dream. She couldn’t do it. Her heart was pounding. She was so worked

New In Town

but I also have that perfectly toned and tight body. For being a small girl at only five foot three, I had these large perky breasts that often got guys' attention, especially when I jumped up and down. Even though I like the attention I get from guys, very few know that I have never gone all the way with a guy. I have come close with a few, but

Chosen Ch. 05

Michael arranged this – somehow? But that wasn’t possible. Arranging transfers took time and transferring out of Guantanamo was a big deal. And he hadn’t even known when I was arriving, I’d had no interest in leaving a paper trail with Navy personnel. ‘Enjoy your stay,’ he said. He handed me a base map with my future lodgings circled. I nodded

Definition of Bi?

a steak dinner. A lot of us had been there before–women and men–and nothing odd had ever happened. On the Saturday I am recalling, no other students showed up. ‘You can have four steaks tonight if you want,’ he said. ‘The others all called in with excuses.’ A flash of suspicion washed through me, but what the hell? Herb served shots of Kahlua as

Best Sailing Crew Ever

the sides of her breasts especially from my vantage point sitting at the helm. I’d chime in from time to time but was mostly keeping an eye on the boat and wondering what J. would decide to do. “Well, I think it's time for some drinks. We have white wine and soda water which I love when it's hot like this,” my wife said. Everyone agreed. The cold

8 Years Later

emphatically, her eyes flashingwith carnal desire. "Otherwise I wasted ten bucks on that bottle of lube for nothing." I let out a laugh, humored by Tara's blatant sexual demands beforeremoving my finger from her ass and pushed both of her ankles up beside her ears. Her pliable body now folded in half, I increased the depth of my thrusts,

Ivy’s Aphrodisiac Ch. 02

what a great bakery this is and I assumed it would be owned by someone with more experience.’ Ivy judged his sincerity and smiled back. ‘It’s okay. I just get tired of people judging me because of my age. Besides, what I lack in years I make up for in my eagerness to please.’ ‘Nikolai Petrov. It’s a pleasure to meet you.’ Nikolai said with his

Wanting What I Cant Have (Chapter 3)

care. I got out of bed and went in the bathroom. I took off my bra and panties and got in the shower. I turned the taps on and the cold water started running on my whole body, making me feel relaxed.oOo Nick oOo    “Why don’t you go and wake her up, babe?” Lisa asked. “Yeah, sure,” I said as I stood up from the couch. I walked up the stairs and


other accessories all around town to the tourists that come from around the world. Life is good...but I still deal with my demons I just can’t let go. They haunt me and take me back to that day when the world as I knew it came crashing down! They come in the form of nightmares mostly. I’ve gotten better as time goes by, but they’re still there.

More Than One First - Part 2

She was not happy that I had gotten her wet and demanded I come dry her off. I got out of the pool, grabbed the towel and reluctantly began drying her off. Standing next to her, my cock rubbed against her leg. I immediately felt myself get hard again. I moved over her tits and let the towel slip a little so my hand would rub her nipple. Tami

Wife Swap III

Danny remarked to Colleen. “Oh my gawd!” Colleen repeated. “I can still feel it inside of me.” Danny slipped a finger inside of Colleen’s pussy, and then proceeded to lick her finger. “Uhmmmm,” Danny replied. “Tastes good to me.” Colleen spread her legs, as Danny re-positioned herself between them, her face mere inches away from Colleen’s pussy,

Amazon Nation Ch. 01

Tecmessa learned that her handsome captor’s name was Tychus. He was the son of Habor, King of the Scythes. He was a fearsome warrior among his people. The Scythes suffered very few losses while Tecmessa recalled that the floor of the battlefield was littered with Amazon bodies. She swore that she would make them pay for the death of her sisters.

Twin Japanese Nieces Pt7

five minutes everyone sat still until the action got hot again. Again the beast stirred a little and I flexed my sphincter muscle, making my dick swell a little. My timing could not have been more precise. At that exact moment Erin sat up. In that micro second that followed time seemed to stand still. The head of my dick HAD been resting

Ass Fucking My Wifes Best Friend: Part 4 of 4

into the room. It is like a huge black capital B with the middle bits filled in. It is soft and filled with foam. Eve and Sue remove Lena’s clothing. She looks even better out of the dress than in. Her breasts have grown fuller and her belly is heavy with child. Lena arranges herself on the piece so that she is lying on her front with her weight

The Adventures of Sage Tumbleweed And the Secret Alien Agenda – 1

She let out a sigh and swallowed slowly. “Wow, jeez, that’s big.” Her tone contained a hint of sarcasm. “Oh, please stop, don’t... How’s that for protest?”“Bitch!” The Doc blurted. “We’ll see how tough you are after everyone in the room here fucks you. How about that, slave? Wait’ll they get a hold of you.”“Whoa, a gangbang, you didn’t tell me it

New Girl At The Grange (Part 1)

a separate building about 300 yards from the main school building. Ms. Fordham pointed out that the dining room and kitchens were located on the ground floor the dorm rooms were on the upper floors together with various lounges and study rooms on each floor.The dormitories for the full boarder's consisted of four-berth dorms for 16 and

3 Guys 1 Virgin(part 2)

guy came in smiling. He was a little shorter than Tay with dark skin and short dreadlocks. I kind of blushed when I looked at him because I have a thing for guys with dreadlocks."Damn I heard yo ass in the living room" he said.Tae laughed then grabbed his clothes of the floor then looked at me again before he walked out the room, naked.The guy

Yvette Plays at Home (Part 1): Applying What She Learnt in Prague to her Home

even Mum?”“Especially Yvette.”“Okay, I won't tell anyone.”“You've got to promise.”“You don't trust me to be keep secrets? After all the things we've done? Imagine what would happen if I started talking and someone told your husband?”“It's even more secret than that. So promise. And promise not to be shocked.”“Okay, I promise.”“Say it properly.


the man. "I think not Merlin; I just brought you back from near death. I'm not about to let you try and temp fate again ok? Stay here for a bit I'll go kill a few then we'll talk ok?" "You're a damn sure fire, cocky bastard aren't you?" Merlin spat at Alan. Alan stopped a moment then turned to Merlin with a huge smile on his face, "Yes, you might

A-Cup Angst Ch. 02

Mitchell, and you failed. Having a brain and sorcerous power is wasted on you. Get naked! You’re repaying me for the life force you stole from me!’ Sonya stripped quickly and felt a blessed relief. No more fear and hope to cause a turmoil in her mind, as soon as Jamie came in her a few times, she would be his perfect slave, without any worries.

Tales From Helena Ch 01

although, there are plenty of other, younger ones, that can be a lot more fun. “Thanks, Rachel,” said Staci, “I know it must have taken an awful lot of guts to do what you did, and even more to tell me about it.” “You’re welcome. Have you decided what you are going to do? The site is only an option, but it will get you out of that hole you

Chapter 9: All Play and No Work

level marked by Ann drawing a card which directed her to finger her pussy for two minutes. A short time later, Paul ended up with a card instructing the person to his left (Nancy) to insert a butt plug up his ass and keep it there for 10 minutes. With some trepidation, he selected the smaller of the two butt plugs and a small bottle of massage

Wendy Gets Seduced By Her Friend

her pussy lips, Patty pulled it all the way through until she ran it across Wendy’s clit, causing a moan of pleasure to escape Wendy and her body to shudder in desire. Patty continued to suckle Wendy’s breasts, alternating between them as more and more breast milk seeped from them, all the time gently rubbing and exploring her pussy with a hand.

The First Step

rock with her pelvis. I pushed back, and together we restarted. I held her tightly and closed my eyes. "Yes!"She groaned and we rocked in unison, fucking intensly. We were like animals in heat. Again, we climaxed together, thinking about the same thing. Then she slid off of me and we slipped into a deep sleep. We were spent . . . exhausted . . .

Jill – Chapter 2 – La Donna e Mobile

is that the fracture is not displaced and there is no need of surgery,” the doctor added. “This makes me brimming with joy,” Jill said scornfully. “Very good! The joy is always helpful, young lady.” “I am just nervous and scared. Don’t pay attention to my words!” Jill replied. “I know how you feel, dear,” Pratt said and smiled in pure Santa

The Best Summer Of My Life: Part 4

and pulled on her soft pink nipples. I loved watching the way Diana played with herself. I knew this was the inner freak her husband never let out and I was glad she was bringing it out for me. "God, Aj, I want you to cum. I want you to unleash your hot semen into my pussy. You want to do that, baby?" "Fuck yeah I do. Get ready." I unleashed my

Mowin' the grass

had her sandy blonde hair pulled back in a pony tail. “Jeff, I’m glad to see you,” she began smiling. Her lips were full and red with lip gloss, her hazel eyes sparkled as her oval face lit up at seeing me. “Thanks Mrs. Wilson. I’m going to start in the front okay.” “You know I’ve told you to call me Claire anyway when you done I’ll be by the

My wife and our new neighbor part fifteen

water was spraying on us and it was so erotic. I don’t know what came over me, but.”“But.””I aimed his cock towards me and he peed over my breasts! I’m so sorry Steve, I lost control.”“He peed over your tits?”“Yes, Steve! It ran over my breasts and down to my pussy; God it was so sexy and I climaxed.”“He has peed on you?”I was working my little

Rebuilding Harry Ch. 08

looked composed, whereas he, wearing nothing now but his underwear, shirt and socks, looked almost funny, and it looked even funnier as she led him up the hall to the bedroom, holding him by shirt as she pulled him along commandingly. ‘Which way?’ she asked before going too far, pausing at a hallway mirror to see if they looked they way she

Becoming Woman Ch. 03

contemplating her as a serving of food. ‘Morwendor, this is Master Gridath, Head Cook for the King.’ ‘Oh, a fine title, to be sure, lassie, but nae’ ye mind it, jis call me Gridath if ye can manage,’ the jolly man responded giving her a toothy grin. ‘Is it true, lass? Dinnae tell me ye were all alone hunting that beast?’ ‘Hunting? Yes, I hunt for

John and Mays outdoor adventure

got to the lesson just in time but to notice there was only about six of the class of twenty there! He looked around to see May was one of them and she was the only one sat on their table, she wore a sensuous summer looking white dress with a red and purple flowers pattern on, very flowing but still showing off all of her shape. John stammered in

Orgy of Delight

a wry smile on her face. Her 17 year old playboy was blindfolded, and dressed only in his khaki combats. On the previous weekend she had promised him a surprise. For a whole week he had wondered what it might be, knowing that she was able to cook up some sexy schemes. Matt was even more confused when on the day, she said he had to have a black

The Blind Girl in the Snow: part 3

is to find a nice quiet pub and be sat at the end of a bar with a drink in hand."Phoebe looked at me with a frown. "You sound like my Dad," she sighed feeling sorry for me, "He was a proper Grinch. He used to spend most of Christmas Day in his shed with a crate of beer.""Alright ladies," clapped Janet, "Job done. Back to work!"As all three women

Chubby Tales part 1

him mumbling suck it suck my fucking cock you bitch. Make me feel good oh God make it feel good make me cum.. Paul saying these things to me just made me want it even more it made me want to please him. I started to play with his huge hairless balls as I tried to fit more and more of the beautiful throbbing cock down my throatJust as I start

Michael and Elizabeth: An Ending

led to another, which led to…, well you get the picture. You know how I am, Elisabeth, so I started thinking back over our live together and then I started searching for answers to all of those questions your infidelity brought into my head. ‘Kevin supposedly came late, but what did I find. The month after he was supposedly conceived, you were at

The Cruise Ship Gift Is Returned

as gently dips his finger into her vagina.Judy leans further back turning her head toward Jack as she plants her lips on his mouth with a passionate kiss as she lifts her leg slightly to give him easier access to her smooth wet love muffin. Judy looks him in his eyes and leans back into position to enjoy the cuddling. Jack continues to massage

Prisoner in his Harem Ch. 01

brown paper. All of a sudden around them the secret policemen dived on the couple. The man however managed to run for a few meters and then a single shot rang and he dropped dead. The woman was dragged away. It all went so fast that only the people directly around them – and most of them had been police – had been aware. His phone rang. Mahmoud,

Lunches but More

altogether. However college was another thing. She told herself she wasn’t going to worry or even think about that, about college until next week though she’d been thinking about it all year long. Yeah, she knew what her parents wanted. Right now though she didn’t care and she knew she didn’t about their thoughts at all. The feelings she was

The Pregnant Married Whore Next Door

she squirmed under my control. After about 15 minutes of a pretty good blow job I arched my back and she grabbed my ass cheeks and I pulled out and shot on her face. Thick white globs hit her face and lips and she scooped my cumm and licked her fingers. I smeared my load on her face and had her lick my balls. I stood there for a second and then

The Eisenhain Incident - The Second Incident

told you Sarah, you’ll always need me,” she heard. Why was she hearing it again, after so long?“No, I don’t need you!” She whispered harshly. “Go away!”“He can’t get in, Sarah. Continue touching yourself; let him hear. Who cares what he thinks? Let him hear that you’re not afraid of him.”… Sarah stopped breathing for a moment, until she found the

No Rings She Donned

of man am I, Wondering if she was tight or just right. A cup of brew was brought to me, Steaming hot latte, light and tasty, A puzzled look I gave the cook, “From the lovely young lady,” His replied on the sly. She raised her cup when we were eyes to eyes, I did the same with a smile of surprise, She placed the rim to her full wanting lips,

The Guitar Player

from blushing beneath his gaze, black lace bra, cupping full D breasts. His eyes traveled across my smooth white stomach to my black fitted skirt, black stockings, and black ankle boots with a kitten heel. He wanted me, but he still wasn’t sure I was ready for us to have a sexual relationship. Our age difference was always ever-present in his

Sunday Service

to tuck his stiff joint back into the fly of his pajamas. Damn annoyance, he thought, a waste of good wood. He wondered what his wife had gotten into so early on a Sunday. This was the one day of the week he could sleep late. Yet, somewhere in his slumber, he must have missed the warm body that normally snuggled against him. Upon awakening in his

Sex of the Rock Gods

alley behind the venue with me. It was between sets and since we were a band, we pretty much had the ability to go in and out of the club as much as we wanted. That always made me feel powerful. By this time it had gotten kind of dark. We had walked to one end of the alley that was secluded by industrial recycling containers. I aksed Calvin if he

Fright Night. What Scares You?

Yeah, it was a little eerie and that unsettling feeling put me on edge enough to get up and look out the window.’ ‘Sensing that there was someone there, you sensed it correct and your senses, much like animal instincts, were right.’ ‘Okay, but you haven’t told me something I don’t already know and you’re still not scaring me,’ said Roger with a

My brother Brandon and I- Part 4- Having sex at school

we’re going to get caught. “Do we need to stop and leave?” “No. I’m close. I’m not stopping until I’ve came in your pussy.” He says. He grabs my hair, pulls my head back as my breasts bounce in his face. He grabs my breasts rough and starts to thrust faster as I bounce up and down meeting his every thrust. He’s breathing hard and I can tell he’s

The Black Book Of The Nature Boy 16

hard as she stood on her feet palming my chest. ‘I can’t handle that dick, baby,’ she said. ‘Your shit is too big.’ ‘It’s too big for you?’ I leaned over and kissed her on the lips. ‘But you were handling it so well.’ She giggled and smiled. I squeezed her tits to encourage her to continue with our lovemaking. Finally she sauntered up to me and

The Planned Rape

hands grabbed my legs and kept them still. The knife once again slid again my skin, cutting my bra off. The hands around my legs were replaced by cuffs and my legs were tied apart. I was crying and begging to be let go. At that point I noticed the woman was kneeling at your feet and your hand was stroking her head. Our host said it was time to

The Day The World Came Pt. 02

I was panty-less. James: I wanted to make sure Amber got home safe, but didn’t want to seem like I was imposing anything. Amber: He just kept dodging the subject, eventually I ended up asking him to walk me home. James: Public transport was a mess so we walked, then it started raining a couple of blocks from Amber’s place. Amber: It was so corny,

Halloween Hayride MILF – Part One

of Mobile. We moved here from Minneapolis right after graduating from college. Our son Josh is nineteen years old and out of state at college. We were always active in supporting his school activities. I continued being active at the school even after Josh graduated. I work as a library resource specialist at the high school, and it was only

Mira - Dead End

later and Alexandra Dostevsky, Mira’s sister and now the head of the organisation who was taller and yet more beautiful than her sister sat in the seat of power. Like Mira she had almost silver blonde hair but hers was cut tight to her head. She had deep blue eyes that spoke of gentleness and intelligence. Mira’s head of security faced her across

My Nanny

they got me a Nanny. They had tried one who was elderly but she didn’t work out because of the demands of taking care of a young energetic young man (me). They got a reference for a young lady from the Phillipines who was gorgeous and only 19 years old. I was only 5 but was already in love.My parents loved me but really were career oriented so I

Ryan’s Summer Pt. 03

they were sold out. How did you get them?’ There was a smile on her face as she asked the question. ‘I’ll tell you,’ Ryan answered. He closed the door, walked around the van and got in on the driver’s side. ‘Listen Cindy, I want to be honest with you, this whole date thing was set up by Benny. He had the tickets. In fact, I didn’t even know it

Alexander and Jennifer: We Meet

up mostly in Colorado, but I went to Harvard.’ I tried not to sound like I was bragging, and I think she accepted that. She took on a more thoughtful look as she said, ‘I’m from New Mexico, but I went to Penn State college. Did you play sports in high school?’ I answered back, ‘I ran and swam competitively in high school. You?’ She smiled as she

Beautiful Anna

so many girls and women of all ages and drinking quite a lot I became very tipsy and each female blurred into the next.  Then I saw her, standing near the dance floor a goddess a sculpture of perfection what sort of chance would a boy like me have? I’ll tell you non, zero, zilch not a fecking hope. I am 5’10, weigh around 168lbs, no muscle

Please, do me a favor

her problem, on the phone: she had gone on a trip for a few days and,  on having returned home,  she dug in her purse for the apartment keys, even  pockets, everywhere, the apartment keys were gone. She possibly had lost them. She lived alone in her place, so nobody would open from inside. The only way out of this would be to get a new set of

My Ex wife and my dog

was something in the tone of her voice that had me intrigued. I had to push her a bit further. Wouldnt you rather fuck him and toss me off? Youre a fucking pervert. Im not having that fucking great thing up me. Itll split me in two. She pushed her hips up at my groin now fuck me she comanded. but as I started up the rythm again her hand slid

My Indian Beach Boy

like.Ravi told me to turn around and lay back on my stomach and he would begin. He pulled my towel down off my back and warmed some oil in his hands, and with my towel still covering my ass…he began. After a long and very relaxing back rub, he asked me to roll over. He turned around and I rolled onto my back and repositioned my towel to cover

Taking the Risk: Misha’s Story Ch. 06

that night one that he treasured. ‘If you see them give them my love and tell them I still think of them on cold lonely nights.’ Suzanne piped in, ‘Nothing to brag about, men not holding their drink!’ Joanie looked at her, her slim frame draped in an almost see through pale green top, the shadow of her nipples clearly visible, her nails painted a

Sarah and miss Summers

need to take a bath to make this damn aching go away!"She walked awkwardly to miss Summers and tried looking sick."Oh, hi miss summers, I'm sorry I haven't been feeling well lately, can i do the project some other day?" Miss Summers smiled gently but answered,"I'm afraid you can't postpone it. I have other students in my class you know and each

Charmed to the Tenth Ch. 01

discussed. ‘What do you remember? Tell me exactly everything you remember?’ ‘I was in the mall with Mom when she fainted. I was in the ambulance and then I walked into an elevator and saw you. We waited in the waiting room and then the doctors took us to another room where they told us they’d each had something happen in their brain and they

Whores 5

stood up and went to the window, giving Ning his back out of sheer self-preservation. A moment later, she was standing beside him, watching Nikki let one of the blonde servers give her a hand stepping out of the pool. She was a sleek convergence of tightly articulated curves, and somehow, in the few minutes since the last time Stone had looked

A Bewitched Housewife Part 2

dick back and forward in her pussy slow and easy, controlling the depth of penetration of his dick, letting her feel the full length of his throbbing huge cock in her vagina. Samantha could feel all seven inches of his dick in her as he moved his penis back and forward slow and easy,

Broken In- In the Bible Belt Part 1

and I had multiple. My curiosity turned into addiction, and I spent every available opportunity sneaking a peak any erotic material I could get my hands on. And as soon as I could get my hands on that material, I got my hands on myself. My masturbation grew into rituals. Every time I bathed and without exception, before I slept. Soon, I

Neighbourhood Attractions: Darren and Ella Part One

friendly neighbour in his mid-twenties, at six foot two, he was a dark haired and attractive man. Ella hoped to ask if he could take some photos for her yearbook as he worked in photography and she figured he would be. This question had brought her to his porch in shorts that showcased her slender legs and a tight t-shirt which was taut over her

Is Three a Crowd ?

found myself being fucked like never before. Tom then pulled out of me worked his way up the sofa and stuck his cock into my mouth. I sucked on it greedily licking and suck my juices off it again, god my pussy tasted so nice! I felt Tom begin to tense as he built up to orgasm. I grabbed his cock and wanked him, as I sucked his cock even harder.

Homecoming Chapter 3

and protect me. I couldn’t help but spread more of my scent on her and to let her soak in my pheromones. Mrs. Swanson was now and forever linked to me. My only concern now was how to get her out of the school in her current state. My gut feeling told me that she was too far gone in her transformation to have her walk out of the building on her

A walk in the country

passes by gently moving your hair away from your slender neck. We see a small copse of young trees to the right and head towards it, scaring a small rabbit from out of the tall grass that surrounds it. Once inside we collapse to the ground, giggling like teenagers. The grass beneath us is cool, dry and very soft. I place my hand on top of yours

The young ones

I grab one cheek of her small round ass, squeeze it tight & pull her back towards me. Talk to me Cindy! Tell me that you want me to fuck your young ass you sexy little bitch! I say & smack her ass with my open palm! “Oowww! Shit, oh fuck!” Cindy cries out while I spank her again & again.Tell me you want me to fuck your ass, Cindy! I shout.

Sam and Janice Fly to Heaven

filed into the elevator. Sam concluded, ‘So, it was never over – even after all the counseling, tears and promises – and he enjoys her body every time he comes to Boston. Hah! How convenient and how naive and revolting to watch, eh Sam? Well, it’s no big thing and now that I have met Janice Chang, my marriage and this whole incident is trivial. ‘

Two Thousand and Ten Ch. 05

her to pose completely naked. At the time, she had found it quite an adrenaline rush, as she stood there completely nude whilst Clive snapped image after image of her. The poses had gone from merely being suggestive, to being risqué and finally, to being filthily pornographic. And it was one of those pornographic images, taken of her on her back,

My part tim boss

against my naked arse...I wanted to feel him fill me up so bad....not once did i feel pain just raw fucking sex.....I was so desperate to suck his cock again,but there was no way i was going to let him pull out,not now....I was just about to fucking explode....and shortly i did,at the exact same moment he let out a big groan,fucked me deep 2-3


game had changed in one significant way: he wasn't to approach her this time. She would come to him.He sat at a table, in the shadows of a far corner, sipping a bourbon on ice, feigning boredom. He wore faded jeans, red sneakers, a white button-down shirt, a generic sportscoat. His face bristled with a day’s worth of stubble. His hair appeared

My Sexy, Older Cousin Lets Me Do Anything I Want to Her

up even further. My cousin, the whole rest of my family, and I had always had something of an interesting relationship. We were a close family. But I was a quiet guy with all girl cousins, so I kept to myself. Over the years all the families remained close, even though I didn’t have any real close relationships with anyone. I remember when I was

Daddy Makes Me Cum in Front of Strangers

he threaten me with those photos?The businessman’s eyes ware trained on the front of my skirt, where I am sure he can see movement. I feel a hot blush rise from my chest to my cheeks. The man’s gaze lifts to mine, and he smirked at me knowingly. Why was Daddy doing this? Couldn’t he tell we’d drawn someone’s attention? I elbowed him, and he gives

A Tale of 2 Nerds: Julie's realization

he usually did when Mom was out. This one was one of his favorites, or at least that's what the rather large bulge in his jeans told me. I pretended not to notice any of this as I sat next to him, moving closer. I looked at him with a smile, and he returned the look with a raised eyebrow."Julie … What are you doing?" He asked, his eyes not

Claras Adventure with Bugs

her homework because she just passed out. The next morning she woke up to the feeling of her uterus being stretched along with a cold feeling she jumped with joy, she was a mother! She quickly got dressed in the sluttiest dress she owned she was excited about the concept of boys looking up her skirt to see her gaped swollen red lips. By

Who Is Watching Who

with lust and was beyond caring. He was fucking her even harder now, pulling all the way out of her, and thrusting back in to the hilt. As i jacked off, i paced myself to climax when they did. I could tell that their climax was coming. The woman was now at the peak of her pleasure, her ass writhing and undulating in a circular motion and up and


another, until you flow smoothly in my hand. I smell the muskiness, your feral morning smell. Mmmmmm. It’s so earthy, I can’t resist. I love the textures, the veins popping up more strongly as your arousal grows, the coarse hairs that contrast so deliciously with your smooth, soft skin. And the helmet, it’s shape is so fascinating, the rim

curiousity satisfied, fantisy fulfilled

intresting. We texted back and fourth and he said that I should go to a local club at 7:00 PM bring a sl**ping mask, have a seat and put the mask on, if anyone should ask explain that its a suprise (IT WAS!). As I sat in the club feeling like an ass with the mask on I felt a hand on my shoulder and a mans voice said jay? I shook my head yes and

Two side of a confused Mom

peeping on her cleavage. "Something feels wrong about him" she thought."Sam , check the water in the pool. I will join you in a minute"Sam went to terrace at swimming pool. Checked the water and dived in , in his swimming shorts.He felt relaxed. Jessica came later in a robe. She removed it and revealed her beautiful body wearing a green polka

Private Dick

orgasm sweeping through her as his tongue delved deeper, lapping up her juices as her body went rigid, then relaxed again. He continued his onslaught as she reclined on the desk. He inserted a finger into her tight pussy and she groaned, his tongue still working her clit as he slid in another finger, beckoning her towards another screaming

More Than Just A Band (The Beginning)

were hot. Keith was the shy one of the group and rather the clumsiest, but he was the best lead guitarist there was. Cliff and John were half brothers. Same Dad, different Mothers. Cliff was the polar opposite of John. Cliff was the serious lead singer/keyboardist. He was not much of genuine humour, but sarcastic phrases. While on the other hand,

My husbands parking

in her seat and spread her legs then looked over at me and smiled, put her hands into her bra and released a perfect pair of mammoth tits which she stretched to the sky by pulling on her nipples, the guy then moved up and started sucking on her tits whilst fingering her cunt, her legs were up on the dash board helping her push up in time to the

When January Cums

at the same time, but it is too late to back out now. I NEED to feel him inside me once more. For old times sake, we meet at the same hotel. I knock on the door. When he opens it, he pulls me to him, grabbing my face and kissing me so passionately it takes my breath away. He tells me how much he has missed me and how much he has longed to fuck me

Camp Lake

young engineer agreed and set the radio set to the telephone company frequency. With a little bit of dialing and button pushing he had them patched through to the local phone company. Ted dialed the number and told his dad that they were going berry picking and he could probably get a ride to camp later from his sister. Dave said he might come

Rendezvous in Chicago

man. That's why we make a great team.” Dave returned the call to the law firm, making an appointment in two days with the senior partner to discuss the investment of what he learned to be twenty five million dollars. Dave had a hard time containing his celebration, knowing the huge commission this new money would generate. Wow, it was just April

Girlfriends With Benefits

phone.“Hi Kerri,” Tina said. “Can you talk?”“Oh, hi, Tina. Sure, I can talk. It’s been weeks. What are you doing?”“I’m driving back to town. I’ve been in the valley the last couple of days. What are you planning to do over the holiday weekend?”“No plans. Why, what did you have in mind?”“You’re not seeing anyone?”“No.”“Why don’t you come spend the

Those Hot Nights

from the humid atmosphere, yet my nipples were still erect, erect for him. As my back hit the stone of the wall my body shook, partly from the force in which he did it and the other half from sheer arousal. My cunt was dripping for him but he teased me, tracing his fingers along my thickened wet lips over the lace of my black panties, I begged

A Lesson Id Never Forget

I would skip ICT lessons. It was project work that was easy as pie so I got an A* in the end but those lessons were pointless. I’d just walk out of the school gates. ICT was before lunch so I’d stay out until afternoon lessons began and then it wasn’t much trouble sneaking back in through the side entrance. No one knew I did this. My so-called

Lindsay, me and her Mom

held our group of friends, plus the few chaperones that came (not the least of which was Lindsays mom, who was equally as hot as her daughter.). It was out in the boonies but that was fine. It wasnt much to look at, most of its decor had been killed not too recently and hung on the wall. We each had our own rooms even each of the couples had

Cat and Mouse Part 2

sensation, hesitant and sensual. His eyes were closed, his long dark lashes fluttering as he concentrated on his task. Me, I’m that task. Josie felt her chest expand in a rush. He likes me. She closed her eyes, content to experiment. His kisses didn’t stay soft and gentle for long. Harry licked her crevices, feeling the moist insides of her mouth

The Masquerade Ch. 05

at his thigh and she started pressing her hips back faster against him, squirming as his fingers brought her closer and closer. ‘Please what, honey?’ He said, slowing his fingers at her cleft, pumping his hips against her bucking hips and rolling her nipple in his hand. ‘Oh god, oh god, oh Mark!’ She moaned, arching her breasts into his hands

True Story, Foot and shoe fetish

shoe?” she asked“well i see you walking around here in your socks so i was wondering what they smelt like.” i replied“ooookay. well my shoes don’t smell that much. You wanna smell my feet?”i couldn’t believe what i just heard. she asked if i wanted to smell her feet.“sure. but we have to be quiet so we don’t wake my sister.” i told her“ok lets go

I Need You Now

your hips and pull you closer against me, feeling your cock beginning to harden at my touch. I turn around so that your back is against the wall now, unbuttoning your jeans at the same time. You pull your top quickly over your head and throw it to one side. I slowly kneel down in front of you, taking your jeans with me. I stroke my fingers gently

L020: Lizzy’s story: Lizzy’s vacation 9

that in time we might let others into our secret club if we all approve the candidates.  But no mommies or daddies.Timmy is especially good at making up stories of adventures the three of us have together, which all seem to end with us groping and delighting each other.  Oh, just telling about them gets me wet.Their Mommies and my Daddy know

Sharing Claire, The Agony & The Ecstasy, Part 14

Adio that Claire was sexually available to them tonight, and I wondered which of her lust-filled admirers would be the first to ask me if I’d step aside and let them dance with her.Not surprisingly, it was Joel who was the first to replace me on the dance floor. As he danced with Claire, I couldn’t help but notice the hungry way that they were

The Driving Exhibitionist, Part 6

entrance while he clasped my cheeks.Sam’s orgasm came close behind mine, and after a minute or so, I got up and turned around and lay face to face. We kissed for a while, and I began rubbing my crotch against his until we were heating up again. Knowing that this had to stop so that he could get home, I finally pulled away saying, “Okay, I’m going

Aunty Sue

identical twin. They both have long blonde hair, have blue eyes and are both tall, slim and attractive. Both have breasts which are about a 36C and they both have cute bums. They did most things together, going on girlie shopping trips etc. and they graduated together from university. They are forty-five year's old and mum had me when she was

Sometimes you get more of an education out of the classroom than in

third shot hit home. I was transfixed like a deercaught in headlights as he lowered his head even furtherand took the crown of his own meat into his come filledmouth. Licking and slurping, he did not miss a drop,while he continued to pump himself dry.To my great hetero surprise the sight of this sent meover the edge. I uncontrollably let out a

firsts of many part 1

wait till she was 18 to have sex, but everything else was a go.....she let me strip her to her panties, my mouth and tongue crawled down her body, I ate those wonderful breasts, then moved farther south slowly, I had never eaten pussy before but one taste and I was hooked, I ate her wet pussy for what felt like hours. I found out she was multi


a decent enough guy. I found the room on dougslist.org and we seemed to be compatible. He was neat without being compulsive about it, was a working student and was not inclined to throw wild parties. I had not been dating thanks to the bad break up, but in the two months I had been living there I had to admit I was feeling the lack of

My Aunt Nancy

she said. “Are you a leg man or a tit man?" I said tit and the game continued for another minute. I won so I asked truth or dare and she said truth. "What size are your breasts?" She said “38b honey." The game continued. This time she again had won so she asked truth or dare and I said dare. My aunt being the crazy one in our family, assumed that

Brandi Fails At Being A Mother. #8

her faster and faster, you could see the wetness glistening down Brandi’s thighs. Brandi started screaming at the top of her voice, she looked like she was going to pass out. Brandi had cum at least three time, Mark and Alex got off at the same time. Marks cum shot all over Brandi’s face. They fell exhausted on the bed. Brandi said, ‘You two get

Secret lover

get it off she felt the head of his cock on her lips.  She licked her lips again and licked his tip as she did, slowly taking it into her mouth.  She let her mouth and tongue continue to pull him in as he slid his entire length into her mouth, almost causing her to gag as he burried his cock against the back of her throat.  He slid back out and

Riding Jenny

other‘s naked bodies. Mary led Jenny into a large open room with a very large round bed. She sat Jenny down and laid her back on the bed and slithered on top of her and kissed her briefly and moved Jenny’s hands to the edge of the bed, and slipped a rope loop over each hand and gave them a tug tightening them. She did the same to her legs. Mary

Sisters weekend visit with their big brothers chapter 1

his sister in an almost see through top while she slept in his arms, Nikki has big round 36 c,s I can understand how horny my bud must be. We are both horny but decide to wait until Sunday night after our sisters leave to have our stroke session. We spend our day talking about our hot sisters and slow stroking our cocks so we can build a nice

Jake's night in (Part 1)

of noise. Jake walked over to Brigit, openly staring at her now. As he came close she turned so one leg was up on the arm rest and one out the from, pushing her pussy up into the air. Jake got closer and she reached out to his hands and pulled him until his legs hit the armrests. and he fell on top of her. His semi brushed on her pussy and

The lady who wanted to be peed on

Suddenly she expels a sob. She lets her dress fall and runs past me while she frantically grabs her panties through her skirt and tries to pull them up. Then she disappears round the corner of the barn. I hear her running steps across the field. I don't understand. What is wrong? Troubled, I swiftly pick up her purse, which she apparently forgot,

The Spanking Stories - #2: Memento Morey

was in some ways everything ‘they’ suspected: intellectual, politically liberal and by nature a gentle and considerate man. But as a philosopher he believed that aggression was part and parcel of the human condition, particularly among the male of the species, and that therefore an organized military was a necessary evil. So while he was enough


I should follow. I followed this vixen into the woods, and my bloodflow moved southerly, infusing my cock and hardening it as I ran. Like a fly drawn to honey, I darted after her, buzzing through the woods anxious to reach her hive. She began to slow down, and I saw a small clearing. There was a stream babbling gently through the woods, and

Love Thine Enemy

her nipple. He bent and kissed the hardening nub, drawing it into his mouth, suckling, tasting and savouring at each sup.This time, their lovemaking was so much less frenetic and so much more about feeling, of passion and of love. This time, unlike an hour before, he slid between her legs and entered her body, still slick from the earlier abandon

just a little fun

aren't even wearing on if it was for the strings going around your waist to the small v of fabric hiding your juicy treasure, molding in nicely to show off your pouty lips. I'm wearing just a simple set of shorts, a little tight around the legs, showing my erection as my eyes scan over your sexy body and outfit, knowing there is very little in

Mummy Made Me Cum… With Her Feet

she has all 8 inches of my cock, both big toes in her mouth. OHH MUM IT FEELS LIKE IM GOING TO CUM AGAIN!!! mum mumbled i knew you would son, just let it cum mummy will take it in her mouth FUCK, OHH GOD HERE IT CUMS MUM!!! i thrusted myself into my mums mouth and heard her gag! i pumped stream after stream in her mouth untill i could cum no more

The Shed Club (Part 4)

told Tash to make her way through next door's garden and then come round and knock at my house, as if she was returning from her "exile". She again asked me to swear that I would never tell anyone about her being there that time and, apart from sharing it all on the net now (most names changed for obvious reasons), I have kept that promise. She

Photographs Ch. 07

her eyes, and groaned. ‘Fingers. Can you do two fingers, too?’ Two long fingers slipped into her cunt and found her most sensitive spot. ‘There! Like that.’ Christie was soon shifting her hips forward to meet his finger thrusts. Obviously he didn’t know what he was doing, learning as he went, but it was good anyway. Christie started to lose

Canadian Wild Girl

her aching nipple, and once again she forgot that Sam was even there.It wasn't long before Joe was hard again. Sam released his cock from her mouth and slid underneath him and away from the counter. She found her bra and dress, and pulled herself upright to put them on. Looking in the mirror, she saw that she was an absolute mess, encrusted in

A New Planet, A New Kind Of Life Part 2

also got a beautiful dark happy trail!Diego was next, the worm carefully anaesthetized Carl’s penis tip by carefully injecting it with tiny needles filled with anesthetic. Once his tip is nicely anaesthetized, the worm wriggles inside his tip – injecting him with anesthetic as it travels down his urethra and into his warm testicles. The worm has

Spring Break: Part 1

the door to the room burst open again and in strode Eric. “There you are,” he huffed. “I’ve been looking everywhere for you.”“It’s my fault,” Finn shrugged. “I saw her reading Dragon Age stuff and she couldn’t shut me up.”Eric rolled his eyes, “Oh, that’s right, I’m surrounded by... “ then he paused, realization striking him all at once. “What

Bob takes Candys anal cherry

way to the room and Bob locked them in. He knew Sandra wouldnt like the screaming coming from the room that would ensue. Sandra was sober today, she would realize that he was hurting her daughter. Bob removed Candys robe and dropped it on the floor. He undressed in front of her and walked toward her. Get on your knees Candy. Candy didnt react.

Sky Blue Sheet

affirmative to both and before long we both needed me to enter her. Without the restraints we surely would have rushed and I would have long been pounding her like a locomotive. Such is the beautiful agony of restraint. I reached for a pillow and wedged it under her pelvis to lift her into a better angle. I couldn’t resist pushing my face

Jakob and Jessie, Part 4

Jakob couldn’t resist the squeezing effect on his dick. His semen was repeatedly forced from his balls into his dick, exploding into Jessie’s ass. At the same time Jessie was feeling pretty good herself, and when Jakob rubbed her rock hard clit she released, spurting all over his cock and balls. She fell forward onto Jakob, kissing him

Next doors not so little girl part 2

job I was actually looking forward to)I stood and lifted Kat easily, she really was a feather weight. I carried her to the bed, laying her across the bottom corner in a position that made her legs fall either side of the corner.Kneeling beside her, I kissed her again, and then nuzzled her neck. Kat sighed “Mmmm……I stroked her body as I moved down

A Guy, A Girl, And A Pool Table

in just his boxers. Soon he had her daisy dukes off, along with her underwear, and he lifted her up onto the pool table. ‘Wait AJ!’ Julie said, looking him in the eyes as he stopped. ‘What’s wrong baby girl?’ AJ asked as he looked at her in confusion, caressing her face with his fingers. ‘Should we be doing this? I mean, you were my friend’s

Two Girl Fuck Competition

showed up about 30 minutes late of course (that’s early for her!) She arrived wearing a really sexy outfit for the game. No doubt she had come to do battle, sex battle that is. She wore a short black ruffled school girl skirt, red shoes, red thigh stockings that only came up a little above her knees, leaving a lot of skin on her thighs showing.


different for me, inspired by a song that really touched my heart (if you’ve heard it, you’ll probably know what it is). —– The weak sun filtered through the bare trees as Jonah walked across the Millers’ fields to get to Bethany’s house. He listened to his feet crunching over the light snow, and wondered what Bethany’s news could possibly be.

The Birthday Gift

and I darted my tongue into her snatch like a bee's stinger. She sighed as I fucked her with gentle little stabs of my tongue tip. T angling her fingers in my hair, she pushed my face deeper into her pussy. Discovering her protruding clit, I sucked on it like she had mine. She muttered, “That feels so good, Melissa, so good.” Tyler positioned

Getting Dirty in the Shower

to focus more specifically slowly forming cascading cracks along the dam holding back her explosion. Eyes flashing shut, body trebling, weightlessness, her legs unwillingly wrap tighter around him as wave after wave of long past due orgasm floods through her body and drenches his face with her gratitude. His tongue happily accepts her gift as

Moon Prt. 1

Max never did this for me.He licked from bottom to my clit, teasing it a little before repeating the process. I could feel myself getting closer and closer. I was breathing hard, my moaning getting louder.“Bill, Bill, please don’t stop please. I... Imma cum!” I whimpered between moans. He shoved a finger inside and rubbed a spot I never knew

Battle Scars Ch. 02

it’s auburn gone nearly black. Her hipbones were quite pronounced and I could see her ribs gliding beneath her skin as she breathed. Her breasts had always been average sized, but her thinness emphasized their size and they lay like nearly empty sacks on her chest. She was trembling slightly, and her cheeks were wet with tears. I must have taken

Nice Guys Finish Last – Pt 1

She was tall, good-looking, and smart. She was also funny. I had a crush on her within a couple of weeks of our first meeting. When I told her I enjoyed the company of attractive women with a brain, she sort of scoffed.“Brains, huh?” she snickered. “That’s right,” I asserted. “You can’t have much of a conversation with a boob.”“I don’t think

University Life – First Ch. 14

bored. I don’t tell you all these not because you’d get jealous or ‘cuz I want to lord our differences over you. It’s because you’d start beating yourself up. Because you’d start thinking about your accent or clothes or home. Sometimes you tell me about these wonderful memories without hesitating but I have to sift through mine because almost all

He Cried Wolf: CH1-Alpha Not Omeg

with a lisp, or dressed in feminine attire, or even walked and talked with “queen-like, diva mannerisms.” Not that there was anything wrong with that, but it didn’t define the pair; not as individuals or potential partners. Sexuality didn’t need stereotypes. All it was, was an attraction and preference towards a certain gender. A person’s


completely dressed... shoes and all... Mackay had dealt with numerous drunks in his career; Ralph was a happy drunk... There were no problems, other than his weight... ...Elsie was in the kitchen making coffee...--- I like a coffee before I retire Mackay... would you like one before you cab it home... Oh..., and I will get you some money.... How

Punishment (the ending)

could never stop forgetting the deaths. As Lisa knelt before Thomas' grave, tears filled her eyes. “I loved you,” she whispered. None of it had been his plan. She had been the one to suggest the guys rape their sisters. It had seemed safe enough. She would hold onto the pictures and videos if any of the girls told. But they never did. Thomas

Little Mary

decided against it as I pulled my offended facial expression into a smile that didn’t reach my eyes. ‘Well he’s different.’ I told her. She scoffed in response with a laugh. ‘Oh and how is that?’ she asked. ‘Because he is.’ I responded with confidence. ‘Hah, we’ll see when we meet the new one in a year.’ I laughed even though it wasn’t funny. I

Sarah’s Aspiration Ch. 02

her waist again, the taxi jerked to a halt. ‘You two, were ‘ere. I’ll come out and get’cha both.’ Dave stopped suddenly, ‘Hang on, I didn’t tell you where I lived?!?’ Dave pulled Sarah into him and whispered for her to do up her bra again. ‘Hey mate, you never answered. Where are we, I never told you where I lived.’ He looked out of the window

I Am Given An Opportunity To Launch A CFNM Career

I am wearing a hospital gown, tied loosely at the back. Under this gown I am completely naked. I feel as though I am trembling a little, maybe because I am a little cold, maybe because I am nervous, and maybe because I am overcome with anticipation. I feel my cock hardening beneath the robe. I know that everyone in the room is there for no other

The Bosses Wife Part Two: Heating Things Up

bobbed up and down on my dick. "This is wrong," I said to myself. "I am going to get fired."I am by no means huge in that department. Probably average or a little above. Many times I had been told I was much thicker than standard which many of the women that I had been with preferred. I watched as Tammy's mouth stretched around it as she took

How I Became a Slut part 2

me to go for it. I finally said I would. She put the blindfold on me and had me get on my hands and knees. The guy got behind me and said he was going to go into my pussy first to lube it up. He did a couple of strokes then pulled out and placed the tip on my asshole. I tried to relax and he started to push. At first it didn’t want to go in but

A Nanny Femtastic – 3

to have dinner with Felicity and her family, my new family! I got dressed that afternoon in pale grey pencil dress with a slash neck design and a slit up the back. Another Alex donation! I wore black fishnet stockings and suspenders with black, patent stiletto shoes. I tied my hair up in bun with wisps of blonde hair loosely falling around my

The Strippers Secret Ch. 02

return. I feel a rush of emotions. My nails scratch his back and I yell ”Fuck me harder bitch!’ We bang against the wall with a thud. ‘Yes! Yes! Yes!’ I feel orgasmic. Sticky cum covers his rubber. ‘On the couch now!’ I command him. I sit on top of him on the couch and bounce up and down. He is so long I almost can’t fit all of him in me. I look

Smithfield Don, You’re History

‘From 10:00. When it’s calving I bring the pre-calvers into the barns so attend to them first and to any sick animals. I check the water pumps and the steam flows and then administer feed supplements of medicines as prescribed by the vets for off-color livestock including the horses if it’s tablets as they’re pretty hard for the girls to

Revenge of the Nerd Ch. 77

allegations against him? Was he trying to get me so suspicious of my father that I wouldn’t believe anything he said? Had he convinced me there was a conspiracy and brought me into the battle to counter it for the purpose of casting so much doubt on my father it would be impossible for me to recognize any sincerity on his part? Whoever was

Humiliated by my best friends

online who agreed to be my mistress on a frequent basis. Tasks she set me included wearing panties to sleep in, leaving a butt plug in me, while we chatted and other kinky things.Last night, while we were chatting, I told her I was going to a friend’s house with a few of the guys, to play cards and have a few drinks. Her dominant side took over

How My Life Changed

She continued. She was probably right, I had never made her come like that as Carl. ‘ Go get me a glass of wine dear, I’m in the mood to party now.’, she ordered. ‘ Yes Mistress.’, I replied, stood up, gave a polite curtsy and went to get the drink. She took the glass and sipped on it, then asked, ‘ Would you like to have an orgasm too?’ I

Laura pays up (unfinished)

blunt. It was huge. She came over to the black teenager and asked, hey, can I get a nice, deep hit of that. He smiled, well this is my weed, and my blunt. Tell you what. for every hit of my big, black blunt you do, you have to hit my other big black blunt once. Sam smiled even wider. She was now juicier than ever, and actually loved sucking dick.

First experiences at an all-boys school (2.2)

Seduction By Numbers: Past Prologue

he asked as he stood in the open doorway. She nodded slowly. Her face remaining expressionless. He nodded his response to her and went out the door. He could hear it close behind him on its own. Like everything else that had happened that night, the door had acted of its own volition, not his. The elevator seemed to take forever. He wasn’t sure

Me and Mr. Bill: Part 3 The Truck (Fuck) Stop

slid his huge fingers against my slit. I need to get you good and lubed for this, he stated as he the slid them through my crotchless pantys into my cunt Mmmmm, nice and wet, that my slutty girl! As He was kissing and finger fucking me, a guy walked up to us. Hey Bill, whatcha got there? The man said. Oh, hey Tim, take a look at my little fuck

Quickie in the Alley

negotiations of the contract that I had flown here over a week ago to arrange. My boss had assured me that it would only take a day or two, but of course it didn’t work out that way. By the time the lawyers were done going over every aspect and making change after change and we had finally come to an agreement, nine days had gone by. For nine

Jennifer Submitted III

of days. I love them. “Okay, let’s get cleaned up and get back to work.” We head back to the office and act as if nothing has happened. And for the next couple of weeks we are content with just some heavy petting around the office when we can sneak a feel or two. Then you come in with a smile on your face again and tell me your husband is going

The Snotty MILF Is Brought To Her Knees

earrings with that outfit; not the fake stuff, either." "Find out what kind of cologne he's wearing, Pressley, and don't ever buy any." "Sorry to her about your cat, Mary. I really don't like cats, anyway."When she spotted Don, who (now) may be a 'celebrity' she could get close to, she pushed her way through the crowd, ignoring lifelong

‘Out’ in the Big City-Part One Big H

biggest honking three veined boner I had ever seen. You could shade yourself under this fucker! Soon I had stripped myself naked and was all set to rub my dick next to his giant size man meat. And that’s when Big Hank took control. ‘Turn around!’ he ordered. ‘Since your already properly naked I take it you know the drill. Now bend over spread

Solace & Rosanna Ch. 20

and L. D. snapped to attention and moved to the middle of the floor. Their music began and they went through their routine with only a few minor glitches. “Not bad, but it needs practice, ladies. It has to be flawless and seamless. Set up some practice time during the next two weeks.” Upon delivering this edict, Ardena turned to see the next

A Genny Story… My Little Lamb

she is a proud woman living with her lover andenjoying her life. This is a fantasy we have created and shared. I hope you enjoy it.I am Genny.When I travel to London there is a bar that I like to spend an eveningin. It is called Billies, and it is womyn only. I like it because it iscomfortable, the women there are friendly, and the music is to my

Two MILFs and their daughters Chapter 2: The MILFs

well. That same Saturday night, the MILFs were in Valerie’s room chit chatting too, but they were just in their bras and panties though. They were about a foot away as they were both on their sides.‘Damn, it’s been too long since I’ve had a hot MILF in my bed in just her bra and underwear,’ Gina said.‘You consider a week to be a long time?’

My New Roommate

her pyjama bottoms as she collapsed onto the mattress, totally spent. My much quieter and more restrained orgasm followed seconds later and I lapsed once more into a lovely satiated deep sleep.When I woke next morning there was no sign of Jamie. I crept across the room and saw her pyjamas folded neatly on her pillow, unsure whether I'd dreamt the

Uncle Beau

sleep there?”“Yeah, I said it didn’t matter to me. It’ll be all right.”“Why?”“Why, what?”“Why are you going to sleep there? Why not sleep up here like you did before?”“You don’t mind?”“Why the hell should I? I didn’t last time.”“You aren’t a kid anymore, for one thing.”“That’s bullshit. I wasn’t a little kid last time.”He got up and looked at me.

The Bodyguard

sitting on her bed reading a book, trying not to think about him, or her mother, when there was a knock on her door. With a sigh she opened it and walked past him into the living room. "Kady, we really need to talk." "I have nothing to say to you, Brad." "Well then you can listen." She got up to walk away from him. "Kady please, just listen to


claims me again and this time you bite – it’s light, but I gasp anyway. Under my skirt I’m seeping, weeping hot, wet juices into your lap, over the taught skin of your balls. I want to lick it, to lean down and taste us both, but you’re not having any of that. It’s winter, and you want to get warmed up quickly, don’t you? I have no qualms with

AnimeCon Harem pt. 10

it’s just—”“Well, you’re not wrong,” Kelly admitted, and she bounced up off the bed to stand right in front of the shy girl. She unbuttoned her own jeans with a wicked smile and slowly tugged the short zipper down to reveal nothing behind it but a triangle of smooth, pale skin. “So, tell you what. I’m gonna start masturbating, right now. Not even

Ghost Story

to convict him, I knew I was a dead woman. I spent weeks in that attic. Going through all of the trunks, looking through all of the albums. I got to know his family very well through letters and clippings I found. But, most of all, I discovered myself falling in love with Simon and his parents. And more and more convinced that Simon’s was not the

Satisfying Katie

against her legs, my hard cock resting on her soft, warm thighs. I feel she is sweating too; it is damp here as I push myself in, I gasp into her hair and bit my lower lip. It feels like being licked and squeezed by a pair of tight lips. I pull out a little, letting my cock slip until only the head is held securely as I push again slowly forward,

Simpsons : Thank God for bingo night

lisa’s cunt. He sat back up again and took in the glorious sight of lisa in front of him. Lisa writhed on the seat, her hips pumping up and down, pushing her pussy up and down against homer’s hard fingers. The head of homer’s throbbing cock was mere inches away from lisa’s pussy as he stroked his cock harder and faster. God, lisa was so fucking

The Neko Project [P1]

that there will be no sex in this part, but that is what part 2 is for, I hope you all enjoy.* Part 1 I wasnt always a prisoner. I had a life, I had friends. I hid very well for the longest time, until I reached 19, which was when I got caught. Im not sure if there are others like me, my captors never showed me. I was in a coffee shop, drinking a


her own body’s needs. The whole situation was being amplified by her classmate's tales of daring do in the showers after sports.“When I walked in just now, is that how you usually do it?”“Yes, just with my hand.” More furious blushing, but now she was talking to me.“But you’re still dressed. You can’t just shove your pants down and rub like your

When Words Don’t Matter

more but nevertheless preserving the human experience because the words are spoken and written and enshrine what has happened and inasmuch people have used words for some periods of time as a means of communication and thereby exposing the very circular logic of words as they are used, limited, invented, confining, narrowing, enduring, and

Who is fucking Rae?

by a reminder that he was in complete control and she must do exactly as ordered. She wasn't allowed to react or talk; just accept whatever happened and enjoy every sensation. She nodded and Mick kissed her hard nipple again, teasing it with the flat of his tongue and sucking it deep into his mouth.The doorbell rang and Rae flinched, panicking.

Cant Judge A Book By Its Cover

that Monday morning. She tugged at her skirt, trying to make it appear longer. She tucked stray tendrils of hair back into her casual chignon. Hillary was nervous and it showed. Even though everyone told her that she had an absolute barracuda for a lawyer, she still had nightmares as to how this would all turn out. Yes, Will had verbally agreed

The Naughty Step

the DVD. Perhaps she’ll do a course next year, she did several at once: keeping her brain working, she said. ‘Which story, Nana?’ the youngest Jessica, freshly tucked in, asked. ‘I have a new one about fierce dragons, naughty knights and sweet princesses, shall I tell it?’ ‘Pleeease,’ they chorused, including Art, age nine isn’t too old for a

The Same Lingerie

His mouth reached her glistening ginger pubes and his tongue slipped between her lower lips with ease.Melanie moaned. Her hand rested on the back of his head as she mewled her pleasure. She started to pant and without warning climaxed on the tip of his tongue.“Fuck me,” her words demanded attention.Mark rose and pulled her legs with him. With one

The Barbie Lez Fantasies – Week 84: Sexy Sauna

her clean-shaven labia. The sight of it threatened to drive me insane and all I could do to keep from leaping across the sauna and having my way with her was to tear my eyes away. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do, but I knew it was the right thing to do. I spent the next few seconds stealing glances at her. Each time my eyes landed on

The Unseen Truth

the Bible Belt? He had no idea, he just ran from them. He knocked over some trashcans as he fell to the ground. He rolled and jumped up regaining his foreword movement. He had to keep running from the shadows. He didn’t want to face what he would if they caught him. The thunder continued, getting closer and closer to him each crash. He stopped

Heart of the Wood (Part Two of Two)

and grandma were both witches. So, you okay with that?” “Well, yeah. Why wouldn’t I be?” He almost lost his balance when she suddenly threw her arms around him, leaning her head against his chest. She sniffled and looked up, revealing a pair of tears trailing down her cheeks, and said, “Thank you.” Glen wiped away the tears with his thumb. “What

The Sybil

and in frustration he opened his laptop to browse some of his habitual porn sites. He clicked the bookmark to his favourite opened but something seemed to have gone wrong, as what opened was a registration page for a website that he hadn’t asked for. With a shock, he realised that this was the site from his spam email. Now feeling compelled by

My Day with Aimee - Pt1 - Good Morning

the perfect slender shape of her ass and thighs as she walks toward the door. "Oh Aimee, you forgot something" I call to her. She walks back over to me, giving a beautiful view of her perky b-cup tits and dark nipples, but especially that smooth waxed pussy. "I'm so sorry Master, what did I forget?" she asks with concern on her face. I smile up

Old Yeller (Part 2)

I was getting buttfucked. My landlord asked if it had felt good, and I said that, yeah, they were cries of intense pleasure.He seemed incredulous that fucking a man pussy could make the fuckee feel so good. I offered to let him try it. He said that he probably couldn’t get his dick up for a man’s hairy ass. I said that I would start with

Tall Fences Make Good Neighbors IV

had fantasized all day about what to expect when he got home. Each time, Megan had forged ahead, taking the game to another level. Mutual masturbation had led to sex within the space of 3 days, accompanied by the confessions of her secrets. That she’d had sex with other girls hadn’t been such a shock, considering her wanton behavior, nor had her

An Amazing Night

see Chris’s manhood. Chris slowly pulled down his boxers and his hard cock popped out like a jack in the box. Michael had full view of Chris’s 8 inch surprise. He started in awe and admired his cousin’s amazing dick. Michael picked dare, and then Chris dared him to do the same thing. He pulled down his pants, and to Chris’s surprise, he had

The Babysitter

wet. I heard the kids and quickly threw the dildo onto her bed and ran out, but with her white panties. I quickly shoved them into my pocket and ran down the stairs. We decided to end the game and watch T.V. It was almost 10 and my Aunt was going to home. I was going to go home and masturbate all over her panties and sniff them imaging that she

Retail Therapy

head cradled on Jo’s breast, like child seeking solace. “Fuck me”. “Fuck her”, said Jo, slipping her fingers out of the dripping wet twat and holding Mo’s head to her breast.I got down on my knees behind Mo. I fondled the soft, generous cheeks of her arse and ran my fingers down the soft, slippery fuzzy lips of her pussy. I offered the swollen

Tight young pussy

English name was Mary she was Chinese living in Canada with her parents and was going to China to visit her Grandparents for the summer holidays. She would fly from Amsterdam to Beijing after a night stopover, the same as me except I would go to Moscow the next day. I was reading my magazine when she asked me if it was ok if she put her feet up

My Adventure in Babysitting

Remembering the tape I grabbed the big black vibrator switched it on and wet it with my mouth, I could still taste Lisas juices on the plastic as I licked it. I spread her firm ass cheeks opening her pulsing asshole, I slowly stretched her anus further and pushed the fat black tool into her rectum until only the last inch or so was still visible.

My Way Ch. 01

story. If at any time they stop you from coming in, I’ll stop talking.’ ‘Moose, I’m recording everything we say. I think you should know that.’ ‘Hell, Joe, the fucking bastards are recording it too. Hell, look above you, they’re watching us the whole time. I don’t give a shit what they think or what they do. I’ll give them the information on my

Dominance to Submission

chilly plastic and warm flesh sent shots of electricity straight to his growing, making it grow harder to the point of juicy pain. He needed a powerful orgasm and he no longer cared if he had to get pegged to do it.Soft hands wrapped around his thigh, pulling it upward so that even more of the huge strap on could enter his ass. With each inch

Meeting James Chapter 9

wanted you.”I smiled slightly, remembering that first heated night we spent together.“Then, we just clicked, and I knew I wanted to see more of you, and then all of the sudden I started to develop feelings for you and…“She paused again to collect her thoughts.“Maybe I should have told him right then from the beginning that I had met you, but I


And we wouldn’t want such a tape floating around, either. No knowing who might find it and use it for their purposes. And besides, we all know what happens to ‘whistle-blowers.’Companies hate them, get rid of them as soon as they can and no one else will hire them. So, what do we

Camilla Ch. 081

lecherously said, ‘If she were my daughter, I’d…’ ‘Oh, I give up!’ he shouted, turning the radio off. What’s the attraction? he thought, Why would Camilla have incestuous feelings for me? Am I simply forbidden fruit? Surely a pretty girl like her would much rather have a handsome young man instead of an aging man like me, father or no father.

Private Dancer Part II

as she turned quickly around to face us. Her nipples were rock hard and looked like two pink bite sized candies on her tits. One of the guys started towards the stage and was quickly stopped by the security. I guess the sight of her luscious tits was too much for him. She pushed her breasts together and then squeezed her nipples with her

My 6-Month Thailand Sojourn

of the plight of the common people. During my adventure, I came to know many Thais in many walks of life. There was the eight year old boy who accompanied me on a jungle hike, bravely walking ahead and clearing the spider webs with his bamboo staff. There was the young army cadet who loved to play the guitar and sing cheery folk songs over beer

My Girlfriends Introduction to New Cock

a very sexy 31-year-old Caucasian brunette with an amazing body, perfect round D-Size breasts, amazing butt, and seductive look that would make any guy want her, all while remaining a size 1! I’m a 29 years old fit, confident, Caucasian guy with an average size 6 inch cock. When Sara and I first started dating, we covered all the typical

AnimeCon Harem pt. 01

for the next photo, drawing a pistol from a holster inside his jacket and leveling it at some unseen target far in the distance in one smooth movement. His steely eyes narrowed, and he clenched his teeth, looking like he’d stepped out of action film. Totally badass, Stephanie thought, selectively ignoring the fussy young mother ushering a pair of

Three Tales

with my own daughters – his stepdaughters.Well my girls will be another soon-to-be; Tony’s soon-to-be former stepdaughters.TJ approached me from behind, stirring me from my daze. He hugged me, held me, wrapping his huge arms around me. “It’s going to be ok, Joanne,” he told me in his deep voice. His voice sounded so much like his father’s.TJ

Summer of 79- Chapter 4

every time I rubbed it with my fingers.“OK Mary Anne, get down on the floor on your hands and knees baby.” I whispered in her ear. She got off of my lap and got onto the floor on her hands and knees with her sweet ass in the air facing me. I could see that her ass was still red from her spanking and her pussy lips were swollen and red as well and

From Jenny to Mei Ch. 19

father’s money was for, making people happy and changing lives in a very personal way. Fuck big houses in pretentious neighborhoods. Screw big cars and Armani suits. This was value he could enjoy. And who knew, maybe the businesses wouldn’t lose too much money. ‘I can’t tell you how much this means to me, Philip. Oh my god, it’s going to be so

Courier Service

was well known, after all, but Karoline wasn’t so sure. If the King’s army stood behind him, the wall really was a formality. They opened the front doors for her. Only fitting for a Royal Courier, but some nobles were prickly about welcoming such a dusty, travelworn rider. No matter their title or position. Though the disrespect rankled, Karoline

To Love Again Ch. 01

here let me help you.’ ‘No thanks I’m fine.’ ‘Come on, it’s no trouble, I’m Paul by the way.’ ‘Well thanks Paul but I said I’m fine.’ ‘Ok sorry, I was just trying to help, I’ve just moved into your building, your Steph right, I’ve seen you around and…’ ‘Wow can you talk, listen Paul I don’t want your help I didn’t ask for it and I don’t care

Shes The Man

black locks, brown eyes, muscular, fair-skinned. I thought that I’d finally found the guy that I wanted to pursue during my first semester of college. It was then that I remembered that I was enrolled at a strictly female university. I approached cautiously, holding my lunch in one hand and a paper cup of apple juice in the other. “Hi, do you

Rob and Elise Ch. 02

his thigh burned so bright in her mind, she had to busy her fingers with fiddling with the hotel brochure to keep them occupied. As they drove past secluded country roads, she envisioned him turning onto one of them, pulling over and fucking her in the car right there. In her mind he’d kill the engine, and grab the back of her head to pull her


her voice husky. Alisha climbed back on the couch and opened her thighs. This time, instead of a hairy slit, her cunt gaped wide open. Jennifer reached under her ass and scooted her to the edge of the couch. She kissed her inner thighs, close to where her leg joined her hip. Alisha’s arousal filled the air When her nose nuzzled Alisha’s clit,

Kenny Loves Carla

house that he could only extinguish in the privacy of his bedroom. As he circled the house attending to guests, he would sneak a peek at Carla whenever he could. God, she’s exquisite, he thought. Tonight, she was wearing a sexy, satin blue dress and her ass was perfectly hugged by the material. The dress was short and sleeveless, and the front

Long Overdue

cracking dominatrix. She has a cute innocent look to her and dresses rather conservative outside the bedroom. Life grew more hectic with careers and kids. Our almost nightly sessions turned into once a week, and then once a month. We no longer had closet full of toys, they were all locked up in chests in the basement. We talked about it and knew

risedale secrets..edited

i was aroused and my cock started to stir. I waited for the slap to come......... it never came, i opened my eyes to see her staring at my with her amazing eyes god what’s happening to me, i couldn’t look away from her eyes they hooked me instantly.The next thing surprised me so much i nearly passed out, she grabbed my semi erected cock in my

My Pancake Man

of hope that it wasn’t, I asked him to go on. It was exactly what I thought it was. He wasn’t going to see me again. He said it was because he didn’t want to hurt me. He wasn’t one-hundred percent sure that our story would end well and he didn’t want to take the risk of hurting me like the other men in my life had. What he didn’t realize was that

My Graduation Day

see her and we hardly ever had sex.   Also, it’s been three months since I’ve seen her sister Mia. Graduation day and my mom and brothers were down to help me celebrate.   Even though my mom has met Tia before, she never met Mia and I don’t think I ever told her she had a twin sister.   So when my mom met Mia, my mom thought it was Tia.  

Mom’s ‘Joy Boy’

over lunch to discuss Aunt Elsa’s mind-boggling suspicion that her sister – their mother – was having it off with someone, the Black siblings watched their mom walk by their restaurant window table arm-in-arm with a guy. Not only was Janis outrageously making an exhibition of herself like that in the main street but the guy looked almost their

Family Values Part 1

was back to sucking and stroking my cock. It was only seconds later when I felt my orgasm rushing its way to my penis. My warm cum shot into his mouth with a tremendous force and he never pulled away. He swallowed every last drop. He even continued to stoke my cock until he had every last drop in his mouth. After he let my cock fall from his

The new me

grabbed his dick and started licking and teasing his head. But he was in no mood to be teased. Fuck no. Stop teasing me. I want you to gag on my fucking rock hard cock.after saying this he immediately shoved his dick down my throat making me gag. Then he grabbed me by my hair and roughly started to fuck my mouth. I was trying to push him away

Ice Cream Man Ch. 02

me it would cost dollars, but I only had seventeen cents in my piggy bank. When I told him Katy has dollars he said I could have the ice cream if I gave him my mitten. “After that he was going to let me pet his kitty cat. It was in his truck, but when I went to get in his truck Katy screamed her big mouth. She came running out and pulled me away

Picking up the Pieces Ch. 01

bowl of beef stew, Mary, Amanda’s grandmother, had baked home-made bread, still warm from the oven. Talk centered mainly on the neighborhood. Brian was all ears, concentrating on remembering the names of who lived to his east, the Browns, and on the other side of the busy road. But when Harry asked probing questions about his background, he was

From a Boy With the Babysitters

small of her back, and without meaning to, lifting up her shirt.She stopped kissing me abruptly. She leaned her forehead against mine. I really liked the feeling of our mixed sweat and breath meeting eachother. She was looking straight down between us and I thought she was glancing down to see my hardon sprouting up from beneath her skirt and my

A Dutiful Daughter

in front of her like most young adults do now a days. I went to the kitchen fetched myself a beer and opened the tab taking a sip of the alcoholic can and saw Autumn body as she layed on her side while skimming down her tablet unaware of my lustful eyes scanning her tight body.The way her breast rose and fell as she breathed her light skin so

Me And My Real Life mom

and my mom is 50+ y.o. We werent alsways like this ,,, This all stared when I was 15 y.o. At that time i realy didn,t care about girls, but oticed that my dick would get hard,, at that time we lived alone.. i never seen my dad… so from that day i saw something strange happed to my mom … she started dreessing better, (we have our small income)

The Green Light

do was head up to the top of the trail where she said she’d be. He checked the clock in the Jeep… only 15 minutes to get there. He definitely didn’t want to be late and have her leave!He got out and started up the trail. There was no one else around as he started the climb… he’d expected things would be quiet and empty when he picked this

The Island - Introducing Ourselves To The Island

the years and I felt it was my time to help him out. He had to leave for the mainland and I volunteered to keep watch over the animals and land when he was gone. It was a two week period that really stretched Steve and myself. Looking after both farmsteads was hard, though the time actually went quite quickly in hindsight. On his return, I had


me up from work, and that when You and i are done with the meeting you will drop me off at home.Then You grab the scissors and cut the shirt i am wearing open down the middle and at the shoulders, You undo the straps of my bra and take it off, roughly pinching my nipples until You see tears well up in my eyes.You let my nipples be for the moment

A Cold Night

to raise herself slightly so I could cup my right hand ove one of her lovely breasts and caress the now erect nipple. I was in total ecstasy. ‘I want you to feel warm and loved, mom’ I cried, ‘I want you so much. I want to fill your little ass with my cock and make love to you all night.’ If only I could have, but I soon reached sensory overload

the kiss that saved me (verson 2)

think it will stop if you tell". He was right it continued for about 3 years no matter who i told or how manny people knew nothing ever happened i finaly acepted it for what it was MY FAULT. I was now nine years old and was walking to and from school every day geting my daily beating from the same kids they used wepions i was happy when they

My cousin Jo and I, Part 3

I’m thinking man she going to make some guy a super wife. I envy himalready. She can cook ,does laundry, has a great sense of humor,intelligent, beautiful face and a great body. Dam she is the whole package. Next thing I know all the others are coming down to eat. “Goodmorning all.” Both mom and Jo say. Everyone eats and are sitting

Girls Night out, By Ron Arthur

it all the way off, laying naked. He surveyed my naked body, kissing my breast, rubbing my pussy. I was so hot, I couldn’t believe this guy was doing this to me, my boyfriend never got me this hot, I reached over and unfastened his belt, he unzipped his pants and pulled them down, exposing the largest cock I had ever seen. My pussy was

paper boy does my wife

her several times in admirablefashion. On the last time, Lakmal was fucking her doggie style and reachedunder to finger her clit. Subashinee had such a massive orgasm, I thought shewas going to pass out. When they finally left, I came out of the closet and asked Subashinee ifshe was alright. She said yes, and begged me to fuck her because

Spontaneous public nudity - some highlights. Part 2

unashamed and compliant I was. They had little interest in taking things forward to other levels of sexual exploitation. They were merely having fun, using my nakedness to amuse themselves, rather than to arouse themselves. We continued drinking and talking as they invented new ways to try to embarrass me. Invariably this meant exploring the full

Victory Lap Part 1

to form a small layer of condensation. She spread her legs as much as she could form him and leaned forward slightly allowing him to get inside her. He slowly rubbed his begging cock around her pussy as much as it killed him to hold back so much. “Screw me” she ordered. This caused him to laugh a little as he looked down slowly thrusting his

A trip to the Mall changes the Hill family forever

Jacob’s cock as her daughter fondles the golf ball sized nuts hanging under his cock. After only a few minutes, Samantha feels Jacob’s balls start to lift and soon Sandra feels his cock stiffen and start to convulse. She swallow his seed as fast as it comes out. Jacob grabs their heads and holds them tight as he send streams of cum into his

Double Feature

Andrew never wanted to do anything that involved actual skill or fun. Any activity they ever did had to at least give him a chance to TRY to get into her pants. And a movie theater would be no different he’d fumble around in her jeans until he got through her panties then press his fingers in her awkwardly for a few lame minutes then expect her


in their belief they are Masters of their minds and urges, lose all reason and faculty in their presence. All principle, all knowledge, regardless of how engrained they may be on the mind, are effaced in those moments when the heart demands pleasure — a demand obeyed without struggle.Her name is Raven. Her skin is a shimmering bronze, a gentle

Marys Christmas

then reached behind her to unhook her bra. She held his eyes with hers while she very slowly lowered each strap and slid the red lace off her body. Nick thought her breasts glowed in the light of the tree. When she lay back, Mary opened her arms to him. It was an invitation he was not going to refuse. Nick reached out and placed his hands at

Just Like Clockwork. Part 1

the time if it ever needed to be adjusted. It only had two buttons, the one to open it, and another. I pushed the second button out of curiosity and the air went cold but I thought nothing of it and clicked it again. "Weird it doesn't do anything." Just as the words left my mouth I saw lights, and hid under the desk in the office. Today was shit.


every inch of his newly claimed territory. Soft moans would escape my lips as he touched places no man had ever touched before.And finally, he slipped off his jeans and boxers…letting into sight his wonderful hard-on. It was pretty long, pretty thick, but nothing that looked like it could split me open from the inside. He watched as I stared,

Just a Dance

she’s glad of the modesty of her costume, not for appearances sake, but because of the late October winds. It’s not a bad party she supposes, sipping at a plastic cup of cheap wine and making small talk about summer jobs with a suit-wearing guy from the year above. She’d mock the cop out costume, half of the guys in the room are wearing suits and

What Happens in Vegas, Part 2

wine and ambiance of SW Steakhouse at Wynn Casino. It was a classy place with a great bar with an outdoor area showing off the beautiful landscaping but Brian was glad he managed to spend only $750 on the dinner and wine. And Katie hadn’t pulled any sexual stunts with Nick, which he had sat through the entire dinner fearing. Perhaps she had

Touching Myself

I slipped my ring finger under the side of my panties, just to test how wet I was. My other fingers stayed on the outside of my panties, but I allowed myself the satisfaction of dipping one finger into my throbbing cunt. I moaned out loud at just the feel of that one finger. I was absolutely drenched. I could feel my juices dripping down my pussy